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The fear, stress, and the stigma of a divorce makes the decision of taking the necessary steps to end a marriage is difficult, especially when children are involved.

Attorney J. Rhadbane approaches a person with understanding and compassion for their situation. A divorce involves a storm of emotions and thoughts that tear people in many directions such as lingering loyalty to a person they shared their life with, concern for children, and what’s in one’s own best interest. Watching what may have taken years to build come apart is heartbreaking enough. Doing so while also seeing through the fog of emotional turmoil in order to understand the various legal aspects involved in this process can be overwhelming and daunting.

Attorney Rhadbane understands that one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce case is figuring out who will receive custody of the children. Divorces are painful enough for parents, but when children are involved divorces can become an ugly battle as parents fight to exercise their rights regarding their children. What will serve the children’s best interests is always the central issue for any court; nonetheless, Attorney Rhadbane believes in educating the court about a client’s point of view and framing the issue in a client’s best interest. He does this while taking every possible precaution to prevent the children from suffering emotionally as a result of an extended legal battle between parents.

You do not have to walk this path alone. Attorney Rhadbane will take a person’s goals, fears and apprehensions into consideration while working to find the best solution within our legal system.

Attorney Rhadbane helps his clients identify and understand what’s really important to them while having an honest conversation early on as to what is reasonable and possible to achieve in a divorce.


Child Protective Services (CPS) may become involved when there are allegations or even concerns about the welfare of children. Reports of abuse, neglect, violence, drugs, or a host of other issues can trigger the State’s intervention that may put your parental rights in jeopardy.

On other occasions one’s adult children have made choices that put grandchildren in danger of being taken away by the State. When this situation arises and a grandparent’s ability to be part of a child’s life may be terminated you need to find an attorney who can evaluate your case and develop a strong defense. Attorney Rhadbane has experience working in child protective services cases and can offer you the help you need.


Attorney Rhadbane understands that when there is a criminal arrest the immediate emotions that go through a person’s mind are fear and uncertainty. These same emotions also swim in the minds of those people are have to see their loved one go through the criminal process.

An attorney’s job is not only to fight for someone’s constitutional rights and demand that the State prove its case “beyond a reasonable doubt,” an attorney also needs to explain to the person accused of a crime what the process is and all available options with the utmost honesty and clarity.

Don’t let a drug conviction hinder your hopes of going to school and receiving financial aid. Don’t allow the State to brand you a criminal and forever limit your opportunities to find meaningful employment. Don’t look back on your life and wonder what could have been if you had just retained the right lawyer.

In a situation where criminal charges are pending, time is of the essence. It is likely that a lawyer like Attorney Rhadbane who will stand up to the State and ensure your rights are protected can make all the difference between prison and liberty, conviction or acquittal, and your rights being upheld or pushed aside. Attorney Rhadbane is here for you.

If you or someone you care for is accused of crimes involving drugs, violence, alcohol, theft, or any misdemeanor or felony offense, Attorney Rhadbane can help.


Attorney Rhadbane served on active duty and currently serves in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (J.A.G.) for the United States Navy Reserve. He has experience in Courts-Martial, Administrative Separations, Boards of Inquiry, Article 15 and specifically on how civil actions can affect military members.

If you are a United States Service member being accused of misconduct, are a victim of a consumer protection violation such as an unscrupulous car sale, or going through a divorce and custody issues, contact Attorney Rhadbane.


You have spent your life working hard to create something for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t put it all in the hands of an online mass produced will tailored to no one and where one size cannot fit all, nor allow the concern for the futures of the ones you care about most be left as an afterthought and in the hands of strangers in the court system. The people you care about deserve more and you owe it to all those years of your sweat and toil that things be done right.

Attorney Rhadbane can draft a Last Will and Testament to your specific needs and assist you with a Health Care Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney, and Directive to Physicians.


You have 15 days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing to fight for your license or it will be automatically suspended, even before a final conviction.

The State has highly qualified attorneys, police officers, and experts on their side to secure a conviction against you. Your livelihood, reputation, career, and freedom of movement are all at stake and the impact a conviction can have on these aspects of your life can be devastating if you “go it alone” or with the wrong mindset.

No one but an experienced attorney can protect your rights and hold the State’s feet to the fire. The burden is on the State to prove that you were intoxicated and they will throw “standardized field sobriety tests,” “police experience and observations” and “blood and breath alcohol levels” to “prove” you were drunk. Each one of these issues must be addressed with scrutiny and diligence. Attorney Rhadbane will handle your case with the thoroughness and attention you deserve. He knows how much is riding on it for your reputation and your family.


Attorney Rhadbane assists clients with choosing and forming the appropriate types of legal entities for their businesses. Attorney Rhadbane creates corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnerships. He can help in the creation of articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other formation documents. It is important that partnership agreements, certificates of formation or articles of organization including company agreements or regulations are all squared away before potential problems arise.

Attorney Rhadbane provides comprehensive assistance to his clients in all aspects of their business. It’s important to invest the time into this process up-front before any potential issues between partners or outside lawsuits occur. Attorney Rhadbane can take a business from start to finish in this process.